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Window Cleaners

This is a question that often gets raised when the topic of residential widow washing gets brought up. After all, how hard can window cleaning really be? The answer is that with the right equipment and enough time, it isn’t that tough at all. Unfortunately, your average homeowner rarely has the supplies or the time to get the job done right.

Our Window Cleaners

All good WINDOW WASHERS know that window cleaning begins and ends with glass so spotless that it needs a warning sign to keep birds from running into it. Part of our success comes from the way we clean windows – the old fashioned way. Our window washers use a ladder to get close to the task at hand; telescoping poles end up doing a second-rate job. With a window washing solution, a brush, a rag, and a squeegee, we get a streak-free shine for your windows followed by a good scrubbing of your window screens. We also clean the interior window including: window sills, frames, and tracks. This ensures smoother operation. Don’t be fooled by WINDOW CLEANERS who claim a good window company only works on the exterior surface of your WINDOWS.

Professionals are designed for performing cleaning duties in a safe and effective way. Many people do not possess the tools or equipment that is required to safely clean windows, especially on taller buildings. Hiring professionals like Shiny Blinds & Windows will ensure that tasks are done right and safely.