Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning

We are often asked what is the best way to clean WINDOW BLINDS? Our answer is always the same-ULTRASONIC. Ultrasonic cleaning is by far the best, most efficient, most thorough, and safest way to CLEAN most WINDOW BLINDS. It’s time to clean your blinds. Not only because they have stains and starting to smell, but because blinds hold dust and allergens. What more reason do you need to get your old blinds looking new again?

Benefits from a professional blind cleaning

  1. Eliminates or sterilizes allergens
  2. Rejuvenates blinds to near original conditions
  3. Eliminates odors and stains

Don’t deal with the back-breaking mess of hand washing your blinds. You’ll never get your blinds as clean as you want. And they are so easy to break! Even if you decide to do it yourself and are careful not to break them, you will have spent hours maybe even an entire day. Shiny Blinds and Windows can double the cleaning and cut the time.We remove the headache of you having to be careful not to tangle the strings or bend the slats. Having your blinds cleaned can instantly change the appearance of your home both inside and out. Just give us a call and we will come and get your blinds for you, so you literally don’t have to do any of the work.

Our Blind Cleaning Process is simple, yet yields superior results!

We take down your blinds and take them to our mobile washing unit. Your blinds are fully submerged and washed in a gentle wash using ultrasound waves. The ultrasound waves wash the slats and strings. Once dry, we replace your clean blinds. So the only thing we leave behind are Shiny Blinds.




Need New Window Blinds & Shades?

Sometimes blind cleaning won’t add new life to a room. We can improve the look, feel, and value of your space with custom window coverings. It will change the way your space feels by adding function and beauty. Learn more about our new Blinds and Window shades services here.

*All blinds are Not created equal. Some blinds cannot be cleaned with water or solution. For these, we offer a special hand cleaning service to provide the cleanest blinds possible.